Ideas To Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Little girl organizes her closet
Tackling the herculean task of spring cleaning? Don't try to do it all yourself. Instead, try a few of these fun ideas to help get your kids involved. Turn on Some Tunes No matter what you're doing, music will make it more enjoyable. So, make a cleaning playlist with your kid's favorite... [read more]

5 Snacks To End Late Night Cravings

hand pinching a rosemary popcorn in paper bag
It’s almost bedtime, and your tummy starts to rumble! Who doesn’t love a little pre-bedtime treat? Cure those late-night cravings with these tasty snacks. Chocolate Covered Pretzels Not sure if you want salty or sweet? Why choose when you can have both? You can go the store-bought route or make these treats at... [read more]

Hacks To Live Your Most Productive Life

Happy woman celebrates a productive day
Have you ever logged off for the day and felt dissatisfied with what you accomplished? Well, you're not alone. Many people feel this way and it's not because they are bad workers. Often, it's simply a matter of updating the habits, methods, and tools you use each day. So, here... [read more]

The 2022 Buick Enclave Is Spring Break Ready

Walt Massey GM encourages you to properly prepare for spring break by jumping behind the wheel of the luxurious 2022 Buick Enclave. This dynamic family-friendly SUV boasts of a handsome exterior, an array of standard technology, and ample passenger and cargo space throughout. Buick further enhanced the Enclave in 2022... [read more]

Make Your Small Room Feel Bigger!

woman hanging a mirror
Chances are when you read the title of this blog, you instantly thought of a small space in your home that you wished was bigger. The truth is, without a decent renovation budget, it can be hard to physically make the room itself bigger. Although, there are ways to make... [read more]

Need Help Organizing Your Pantry?

neatly organized kitchen canisters
The pantry doesn't need to be the one closet in the house causing you the most stress. The pantry should be the place to easily find ingredients, quickly grab a snack, or simply, just grab an item for restocking around the house. A lot of times we neglect this space... [read more]

3 Perfect Recipes For A Dinner For 2

Steak Dinner In A Cast Iron Skillet
Cooking for only two people can be a pretty difficult task. You may find yourself using the same old boring recipes week after week because you aren't sure how to portion meals for just two. This can cause you to give up cooking altogether and just start ordering take-out each... [read more]

Tips To Know When It’s Time To Repair Your Brakes

Brake pad replacement in car service
The brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle! They are a hydraulic system that uses the force of friction to put your vehicle to a halt. The system uses the pressure of the driver’s foot on the brake pedal to apply the brakes and force a... [read more]

Weekend Activities For The Family

Multi-generation family preparing a cake at home
Having fun with the family doesn't have to involve spending tons of money or getting out of the house. You can plan a budget-friendly, awesome weekend at home with the family that everyone will enjoy. Get ready! You will not be able to have another boring weekend again.  Movie Night Bring the... [read more]

4 Hearty Soup Recipes To Keep You Warm

creamy corn chowder with ham and potatoes
The short days and cold nights of winter leave you craving something warm. Satisfy your cravings with a delicious bowl of soup! There are hundreds of different recipes to enjoy, but these four are our favorites. Cheesy Ham and Corn Chowder Slow cookers are great for relaxing weekends or busy days. It's... [read more]