Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love

a dish of chicken casserole garnished with a green herb

Bone-in or boneless, mild white meat or tender dark morsels, there’s an abundance of ways to prep and serve chicken. Check out these popular chicken recipes to expand your kitchen repertoire.

Classic Casserole

Chicken and wild rice casserole is easy to prepare, and the rich and creamy result is well worth the half-hour oven time. Long-grain wild rice adds distinctive texture to the mix, while you can flavor the casserole with vegetables like celery and onion, plus smooth additions like parmesan cheese and sour cream. Keep some fresh herbs handy to serve over the top as garnish.

Spice Things Up

A hot bowl of soup is great for keeping warm on a chilly day, and you can raise the heat by adding a little spice. The robust jalapeño popper chicken soup can serve as a hearty starter or even the main course. Packed with protein, this soup features both chicken breast and chicken broth, as well as creamy cheese, bacon, and green bell peppers for extra flavor. If you want something quick and easy for lunch on the go, the buffalo chicken wrap packs that classic wing taste into a handy flour tortilla shell, and you can temper the heat by adding ranch or bleu cheese.

Tender Treatments

While some cooks prefer to avoid white meat like chicken breast due to its bad rap for dryness, breast and tender cuts can yield some wonderfully moist and succulent dishes. The lemon butter chicken breasts liven up those hearty cuts with a zesty, citrusy sauce that goes well with pasta, rice, and many other starchy sides. Once you master the buttery preparation, you can try it out with different entrees like fish as well. To help the chicken avoid sticking to the pan and to develop a nice, crispy crust, coat each piece in flour before adding it into the melted butter. Chefs love to load the nooks and notches of Hasselback potatoes with all kinds of herbs, and you can prepare chicken breast the same way to pack each piece with seasonings, spinach, and even melty cheese. If you’re working with tenderloins, you can sweeten up your meal with maple-glazed chicken, complete with sweet potatoes. A little maple syrup provides a wonderful balance with strong savory notes from green onion and various spices.

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