Get A Great Nights Sleep With These Meditations

Woman waking up in the morning well rested

Your everyday life is probably crazy busy. Filled with work, your kiddos’ schedules, and your personal life, sometimes you need something to slow down your mind. If you hop into bed only to stare at the ceiling with stress for the next day, chances are you need to take some time to meditate for better sleep. With just three techniques, you’ll be catching some Zs in no time!

How to Meditate

First things first, if you have never meditated before, there are a few basic steps. Begin by finding a quiet area, and yes, that means away from your furry friend, kids, or the noisy outdoors. Whether you enjoy your quiet office, peaceful back porch, or your bed, as long as it seems quiet and peaceful, you are good to go. If it is bedtime, get into your bed with the lights off and lay down. Next, once situated, close your eyes and breathe deeply to find your clear state of mind. Inhale and exhale, focusing mostly on your course of breathing. If a thought comes to mind as you deeply breathe, let your worries go away as you refocus solely on relaxation.

Mindfulness Meditation

This type of mediation solely focuses on the present, which is why it is great for clearing your mind of chaos or stress. First, begin by visiting your quiet space, and make sure to turn off your phone. Begin by deeply focusing on your breathing, inhaling for ten counts, followed by exhaling for ten counts. Although you can repeat this as many times as needed, we suggest repeating it around five times. Also, make sure to inhale and tense your body, allowing full relaxation. Repeat five times. If a thought comes to mind, steer it away by continuing to focus on breathing.

Guided Meditation

If you don’t see yourself being able to fully unwind independently, use a recorded meditation, which is lead by an instructor. Begin by turning the brightness of your device fully down, and press play. Lie down in bed and practice breathing deeply and slowly. Don’t forget to return your mind to the meditation, even if a thought comes up. The instructor will lead you through the rest!

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Body Scan Meditation

If you really want to get technical with meditation, the body scan method focuses on different body parts. You know the drill — remove all distractions and head to your peaceful space. Lie down and soften your face, specifically your facial muscles. Next, focus on relaxing your shoulders and neck. As you move down the body, make sure to make time to relax each body part, and also, take note of how each part feels. As always, don’t allow thoughts to fill your mind, and focus on relaxation.

Enjoy the best sleep of your life with these meditation techniques!

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