Drive Safe With These Dog Travel Accessories

Dog riding in car

Some may say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but we beg to differ. While road trips are a blast, leaving your furry friend behind at home is always a drag. It’s no secret it’s hard to have fun when you have your pup’s sad pout from dropping them off at the kennel stuck in your head. Although, with a few travel gadgets, bringing along man’s best friend has never been so seamless, so check out our top five picks for traveling with a pup!

BarksBar Waterproof Car Seat Cover Accessory

Putting your furry friend in the second seat is probably most comfortable for them, but their paws can downright do some damage to your upholstery. Although, the truth is you can transport your pup and keep your seats looking stunning with the help of a doggie seat cover. Whether you have a small pup or a large dog, there are various sizes in the BarksBar seat cover, and it’s even waterproof. This gadget can attach to your seat hammock style, which will create a nice barrier, so you can stay focused on your drive.

Pet Safe Happy Ride Car Safety Accessory

While car wrecks happen, the idea of having your dog in the car with you may scare you. Play it safe and purchase the Pet Safe Happy Car Ride Safety accessory, which is a crash-certified harness. With seatbelt attachment, leash attachment for pit stops, and extra padding in the front, this gadget is perfect for small, medium, or large dogs on the go.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Now that you have your pup safe and secure, have you thought about keeping them entertained? While treats tend to get messy in the car, the Kong is a durable rubber toy with a treat insert. Whether you want to stick peanut butter, cheese, or a bone in the hole, this doggie gadget is sure to keep your furry friend satisfied and entertained for hours. Not to mention, they will feel like a winner when they find the hidden treat!

Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit

You probably carry a first aid kit in your trunk, but what about one specifically to care for your dog? Whether you need tweezers, gauze, towelettes, an ice pack, or scissors, the Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit will deliver.

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EliteField Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Travel Crate

Once you reach your destination, chances are you’re worried about leaving your dog to mess up a condo or house rental. With the EliteField Collapsible Soft-Sided Travel Crate, you can leave your pup for dinner and come back to the place in one piece. Rest assured, they are sure to be comfortable because there is plenty of patting and five sizes to choose from.

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