Check Out A Chevy MyWay Virtual Tour Of Your Favorite Models

A gray Chevy Blazer SUV against a white fence.

While you are always welcome and encouraged to join us at Walt Massey GM for an in-person exploration of your favorite Chevrolet models, sometimes it’s also nice to be able to tour a car you’re interested in from the comfort of the couch. That’s why Chevy created the Chevy MyWay virtual tours. These video vehicle tour sessions help you see the details of the car just as you would if you were standing next to it in person.

Join the Crowd

Each day there are several Chevy MyWay group sessions where you can hop on a pre-scheduled group video tour of different vehicles. Sometimes it’s the daring Corvette, other times it’s a spacious SUV like the Chevy Blazer. In these sessions, a tour guide uses a camera to show the group all of the details about the car at hand, getting up close to all of the most important details about the car. In group sessions, you’ll have the option to send questions to the tour guide via chat that the guide can then answer.

Explore Your Way With Chevy MyWay 1:1 Sessions

If a group session doesn’t work for your schedule, or you want an even more detailed view of the car, you can always book a free one-on-one session at a time that works for you. The format is the same as the group tour where the guide will show you around the vehicle and you can ask questions via the chat feature. The tour guide cannot see you, but you can see them and the car.

What Comes Next?

After a Chevy MyWay tour, you don’t have any obligations to buy the car or even test drive it! However, if you wish, you can schedule a test drive with us at Walt Massey GM so that you can experience your favorite Chevy model from the driver’s seat.

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Take the Next Steps at Walt Massey GM

When you’re ready to do your own in-person tour of your favorite Chevy model, come visit us at Walt Massey GM. We’ll get you set up with a test drive and some great savings to make that dream car a reality at Walt Massey GM!

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