Keep Track Of Precious Photos With These Organization Tips

girl in a gray sweater is sitting on the sofa and looking at old photos in a photo album

It’s easier than ever to take photos of things, but that can lead to quite the build-up of pictures! Use these tips to organize your most precious memories!

Digital Photo Organization Tips

If your phone is full of pictures of your kids, pets, and special memories, it can be intimidating to sort through the literally thousands of pictures on your camera roll. Try these tips to organize the pictures on your phone so that you can find the ones you love and reflect back on sweet memories more easily.

  • Find your favorites – start from the top of your camera roll and favorite the pictures that mean the most to you, which will automatically sort them into a separate folder.
  • Delete, delete, delete – make friends with the delete button. Get rid of duplicate images, strange angles, blurry shots, or anything that doesn’t help you remember a moment.
  • Create albums – decide what your album schema will be. Will you sort by seasons (i.e. Winter 2021, Spring 2021, etc.), more specific instances (Road Trip August 2019), or both? As long as you can navigate and remember the albums you make, anything goes!
  • Make a “to-edit” folder – spare yourself the hassle of finding those pictures you were going to tweak and post on social media by sorting them into a “to-edit” and “edited” folder.
  • Backup – be sure to back your photos up onto a cloud service or physical storage drive so that you’re never at risk of losing them!

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Physical Photo Organization Tips

Sorting through old family photos, photos of your childhood, and the kids’ baby pictures with these tips will free up storage space and give you a better way to look back into the past!

  • Gather all of the pictures into one spot – this will help you see the scale of what you’re working with and ensure that you don’t miss any stray photos.
  • Sort – sort all of the pictures into distinct groups such as your childhood photos, your spouse’s childhood photos, baby pictures of each child, various vacations, etc. If you find that things are too separated at the end, you can always merge like categories.
  • Toss ’em – just because a photo is printed out doesn’t mean you’re obligated to keep it! Get rid of bad shots (fairly common back in the good ‘ole disposable camera days!), or pictures that spark unpleasant memories. Keep what brings you joy and tenderness.
  • Store – you don’t have to make a scrapbook for every category above, but storing pictures in proper photobooks will help preserve them for future generations to enjoy, too. Slipping pictures into photobook slots can easily be done while you catch up on your TV shows or watch a movie!

It might feel intimidating at first, but with a little time and patience, you can have an easy way to take a trip to yesteryear via your photos whenever you’d please!

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