Ultimate Fun With These Backyard Games

Bag flying onto corn hole board in backyard

If you are looking to spice up your outdoor fun, look no further than these top backyard games. From the traditional cornhole to KanJam and even QB54, family fun will be next level with these purchases. Let’s check out what you’ll be playing all summer long!


Cornhole has been a crowd favorite for years. It’s the game that really started all of the yard game rage to begin with, and it still stands as one of the top ways to get competitive. Whether you are interested in having a specialty one made to fit your style, or you just want to go the easy route by purchasing online, this activity will bring lots of cheer.


If you are looking to crank cornhole up a notch, Bulzibucket has a modern approach to the game. Whether you are on land or you’re embracing your backyard pool, this activity is fit for various conditions. With multiple sizes of buckets stacked, the object of the activity is to land the hacky sack balls in one of the buckets, and each bucket is worth a different amount of points.


For all of the professional frisbee throwers, KanJam is sure to be your new favorite game. Including two cans and one frisbee, it’s just that simple to have a good time. After all, who knew throwing frisbees into cans could be so entertaining? Grab this game for your crowd, and watch your competitors go wild.


Whether you are hosting your friends for a “tailgate” party, or you just have some football fans on your hands, QB45 will get your squad going. Simply throwing around a football can get old after a while, so purchase this game to find your QB1.

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