Essentials For Any Beginner Golfer

Man walking in between holes and holding golf bag

Looking to pick up the game of golf? Sure, you’ve probably swung a few clubs, fallen for the lavish attire, and studied up on the basic etiquette of the game, but if you’re really looking to play like Tiger, you’re going to need a few tips. Before you head outdoors to play 18 holes, fill your golf bag with these necessities, so you can both look and play like a professional.

Set of Irons

Walking into a golf store can be quite overwhelming especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. First things first, you’ll want to pick out a quality set of irons. As a beginner, you have to think smart, so don’t purchase muscle back or blade irons. Instead, invest in some cavity back irons. There’s no doubt about it — cavity irons are much easier to play with, especially for a newbie, so don’t make the beautiful game harder than it has to be.


After you’ve laid your eyes on a solid set of irons, start shopping for a putter. You see, once you’re on the green, the putter will be your best friend. You can purchase a used one to start with and work your way to a new one after you do some research. So, if you have one on hand, or a friend is willing to sell you one for cheap, go for it.

Sand Wedge

You’re going to find yourself in the sand, so you’ll need a sand wedge to help you get the job done. If you need some direction, check out the Cleveland Smart Sole, as this guy is top-rated for golf beginners. This club is sure to get you out of the rut, so make room for it in your bag.

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Everyone loves a driver. It’s big and mighty, but we suggest saving your money and time by waiting to get one of these clubs. Although, if you’re ready to go full force in the game and jump the gun, shop for models with one of the following words: max, offset, or plus. Remember, the lower the loft, the harder it is to hit, so shop for a driver with a higher loft.

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