The Perfect Summertime Car Kit

Woman's hand disinfecting the steering wheel of her car with sanitizing wipes

Woman's hand disinfecting the steering wheel of her car with sanitizing wipes

If you haven’t packed your summertime car kit yet, now is the time. Whether you’re the type to plan every outing or you’re a spur-of-the-moment person, having a car kit helps you to be ready for anything. You may already have a basic kit stowed away. But if you don’t, or if it’s been a while since you updated it, learn how to put together a perfect summertime car kit. Here are some tips for packing.

The Bin to Keep it All in

Having all the supplies in the car isn’t helpful if you can’t find them when you need them. Get a durable bin with a lid that fastens down. Many people prefer a clear plastic bin so they can see what’s inside at a glance. When thinking about the size of the bin, consider where the bin will live all summer. Different cars have different dimensions, so sizing the bin to the car is important. Additionally, think about all the items that will go inside the bin, and make sure the bin is big enough to hold the essentials.

No Wipe Out

Even if the babies have morphed into older kids or even surly teens, a pack of baby wipes is super handy for — well, hands. When sticky situations arise, baby wipes do the trick on hands and faces. For other situations, a pack of disinfecting wipes may be more appropriate. Carrying both covers a lot of bases. And a roll of paper towels handles wiping up wet messes. Finally, a pack of tissues covers runny noses.

Protective Barriers

Summertime means more time outdoors for most. And inevitably, someone will forget to pack sunscreen or bug spray. Pop a bottle of each in the perfect summertime car kit, and the family can venture out worry-free each time. Next, remember that cuts and scrapes can happen anywhere and at any time. Pack a first aid kit into your car kit. You may also want to add some hand sanitizer.

Expect the Unexpected

Little ones can dirty an outfit faster than anything, so packing a spare outfit in the kit could save parents some pretty big headaches. Include a plastic bag or two to wrap the soiled clothes in until later. For other family members, throwing in one or two-period products could be a lifesaver. Having these items in the kit could be the difference between staying out or having to go home early. In addition, it could be a good idea to pop a roll of quarters into the kit for unexpected parking meters and vending machines.

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Prepared for Summer Fun

Packing the perfect summertime car kit is a big part of preparing for anything. Have you thought about the perfect car to pack your kit into? At Walt Massey Chevrolet Buick GMC Columbia in Columbia, Mississippi, we have an incredible selection of cars that can take you anywhere adventure awaits. Make this a summer to remember. Stop in and see us today!

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