Try Something New And Grill Fruit

Fresh peaches on grill

You already know about grilling meat, fish, and vegetables, but have you ever grilled fruit? Putting sweet summer fruit on the grill gives it a deep flavor that can’t be achieved via any other cooking method! Use these tips for delicious grilled fruit ever this summer!

1. Best Fruits for Grilling

As long as the fruit is firm and not overripe, it can probably go on the grill, though some of the best choices include peaches, melons, pineapple, pears, avocados, tomatoes, bananas, and figs. You’ll want to choose fruit that is big enough when cut to maintain its structure and stay on top of the grates. However, if you’d like to grill berries or smaller fruits, put them on skewers to avoid losing them to the flames.

2. Minimize Sticking

Because the natural sugars in the fruit will caramelize as the fruit cooks, you’ll want to take steps to reduce how much the fruit sticks to the grates. One of the best ways to help prevent sticking is to ensure that the grill is nice and hot by preheating it on medium-high for at least 10 minutes, then scraping the oil and grates before you place the fruit. When grilling fruit, you’ll want to use a neutral oil with a high smoke point such as refined avocado oil or safflower oil, this will go a long way in preventing sticky, torn fruit! Be sure to let the fruit stay on the grates for several minutes to establish those coveted grill marks that indicate that the fruit has seared and (probably) won’t’ stick. However, if you do have a few sticky pieces, don’t sweat it – it’s going to taste delicious either way!

3. Coat Citrus in Sugar

Unless you’re using the grilled citrus for a savory dish where extra sweetness would be unwelcome, coating the cut side of citrus fruits in sugar gives them a gorgeous caramelized finish and extra protection against sticking. The caramelized sugar finish is extra gorgeous when the fruit is used as a garnish for desserts!

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4. Collect the Juices

The high heat of the grill means that your fruit will be giving off a lot of juice. Though some of it will inevitably be lost to the flames, you can put your grilled fruit on a rimmed baking sheet as it comes off the grates to collect everything that drips off afterward!

So, what fruit will you throw on the flames first?

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