Enjoy A Day Outdoors At Red Bluff


Red Bluff, a 0.9-mile trail located near Foxworth, Mississippi, is one of the state’s best-kept secrets. If you have not heard of it, do not feel left out, as Red Bluff is not that well advertised, since it sits on private land. The owners of the property live out of state but are aware that people use it for recreational purposes.

Time To Explore

Named the “Grand Canyon of Mississippi,” Red Bluff is a geological formation created by millions of years of erosion from the Pearl River. In fact, the erosion remains ongoing, so much so that the original highway has had to be moved twice. The site sits at 400 feet above sea level, which provides visitors with amazing views of the surrounding area. The view at the bottom is just as impressive, too. At the bottom, you can either explore the canyon or head to the Pearl River and walk along the sandbars and the abandoned train wreckage that was left alongside the railroad tracks when it derailed.

Along the path, there are small waterfalls springing from the creek. After a short walk, you will emerge at the bottom of the vast multi-colored canyon. Be mindful that hiking throughout Red Bluff is not easy. The trails have steep inclines, are covered in loose dirt, and are littered with roots. However, the top of the bluffs is flat and easily accessible for most people.

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A Few Things to Know

Locating the bluffs can be difficult. It is located along Highway 587 just north of Morgantown.  The best place to park is on either side of the road where the barricades are. From there, you have to hike on the road or along the left side of the bluffs. A creek runs along the bottom, and if you follow it, it will lead you to the center of the bluffs.

Also, the soil from the bluffs will stain your clothes orange. So, dress appropriately.

There are also no bathrooms, no trashcans, and zero safeguards in place.

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