Give Back This Holiday Season

Woman holding cardboard donation box full with folded clothes.The season of giving is just around the corner, which means the season of spending is coming too! If you are asking yourself, “how am I going to buy gifts for everyone on my list while giving back?” we have you covered! This holiday season, here are some ways to GIVE.


Grow you and your family’s hearts three sizes this season with a family gratitude journal. Not only is it a great way to get your family thinking about what they are grateful for, but it is a great way to reconnect with loved ones and have more meaningful conversations!


During the holidays, most kids have one thing on their minds. PRESENTS! While that is a fun part of the holidays, it is also a great time to teach your kids about empathy and remind them that not all kids are as fortunate as they might be. Although this is a festive time, make sure to slow down and remind them that there are many reasons to be grateful.   


Volunteering your time at the local food bank or food pantry will not cost you anything, but we can assure you it will be rewarding helping those in need. There are many ways to help at the food bank. Check out your opportunities. If you can’t give money, a priceless way to give back is to volunteer! 

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Encourage your neighbor to start a food drive. Hosting a neighborhood food drive to help the local food bank is a great way to give back. Remember, making a difference in your community can start with you! Here are a few tips for hosting the perfect holiday food drive

While the world is full of people in need year-round, no time is more apparent than during the holiday season. Through donations or actions, GIVE to those who need a little extra holiday spirit!

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