Ready. Set. Shop!

Online shopping during holidays. Man ordering Christmas gift using laptop and credit card

Some of the best deals all year long are just a few days away! TVs, computers, high-tech gadgets, and other items on sale are why some shoppers have been waiting for Black Friday. Although this Black Friday shopping season may not look how it did before, we are giving some tips to not only survive but thrive!

Shop Early

A lot of big-name companies are starting their sales early this year. So with that in mind and the possibility that your items could have trouble coming in on time, it is a great idea to finalize your shopping as soon as possible! If you see something on sale, go ahead and snatch it up. It is likely it won’t be on sale again or won’t come in on time!

Shop With Apps

Just because there is a huge sign telling you to buy something at a low price doesn’t me you are getting the most bang for your buck! Compare prices, get discounts, and score coupons with these apps: BuyVia, Shopkick, ShopSavvy, and Shopular. Next time you are in a crunch to see if you got the best deal, turn to one of those apps!

Shop Online

If you are worried that the crazy in-store-only Black Friday deals are going away, you may be right! Even before the pandemic, stores were pushing their promotions online by extending them or ordering free shipping. This year will be no different, with multiple companies offering fewer in-store promotions and more incentives to shop online with free delivery or curbside pickup.

Shop Socially

Stay up to date with the latest exclusive deals and promotions by following and liking your favorite stores on social media. Don’t forget to share the texts, tweets, and social media posts of great deals with your friends!

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Shop Within Your Budget

Shop within your budget is great advice, but it’s easier said than done! A good way to ensure you stay within your budget is to get what’s only on your list. Don’t be lured in by the doorbuster with limited quantities. Create a list of the things you need and stick to it!

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