How To Transport Your Tree Safely

Joyful family lifting christmas tree on top of the car after buying it at the winter market.The holiday spirit is all around us, especially with the lights sparkling around the city and the holiday tree farms popping up. One debate that always comes up during the holidays is, do you get a real tree or a fake tree? If you have always wanted a real tree but didn’t know how to transport it, or if you struggle to get your tree home, we are giving you these tips to get your tree home safely!

First Things First

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the right vehicle. One that has a roof rack is best when carrying your tree home. If you don’t have a roof rack, the next best option would be the back of a pickup truck or an SUV, van, or minivan that can fit it with all the doors shut. 

Make sure you bring strong tie-downs like rope or nylon ratchet straps so the tree will not move on the roof rack. Pro tip: Avoid using the lightweight twine that most tree lots offer. If the tree is not wrapped in netting, make sure to protect your tree with rope or twine. Before securing your tree to the top of your vehicle, prevent paint scratches by placing an old blanket under the tree.

Loading Up

When loading the tree on your car, place the truck at the front of your vehicle. Now that the tree is properly placed on the roof rack, it is time to secure it with your rope or nylon ratchet straps. You want to use the fixed vehicle tie-down points that are usually at the bottom, middle, and top of the tree. Before leaving the lot, tug the tree in various directions to ensure it passes the tug test and will not blow away. 

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The Drive

Once the tree is strapped to the roof rack, take it easy by driving slowly. Higher speeds create stronger airflow that could cause damage to your tree. If possible, take the back roads home. After you have made it home, take your time removing the rope or straps. Before lifting the tree off the vehicle, clear the area, so no pets or children are in the way. All that is left is to clean the sap from the paint and upholstery immediately. 

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