Tips For Putting Away Your Holiday Décor With Ease

Unpacking the box of Christmas Tree

Unpacking the box of Christmas Tree

Can you believe that another Christmas has come and gone? It’s true that all good things must come to an end. Although some of us may not be quite ready to take the Christmas tree down yet, we all know we will have to sooner rather than later. While we take down all the holiday décor, we can rest easy knowing that it is packed away in an organized manner, just waiting for it to be showcased again.


We know putting all your decorations back up can get overwhelming, but take a deep breath and take it room by room or even box by box. When packing everything up, fix the decorations that are broken, clean the dirty items, and toss anything that you don’t need or want anymore. Pro tip: keep a few garage bags nearby to easily donate or throw away items you no longer want. Make sure after you have placed everything in its home to label the box. It will help you remember where everything is and what you have.

Ornaments and Tree

For the most fragile ornaments, add an extra cushion by wrapping it with tissue paper or newspaper. Then, store them in bins by which tree they belong to or by color. The next thing you should tackle is the tree. If you have room to store your artificial tree vertically and in one piece with the lights still on in a protective tree bag, do that. If not, make sure to label each section when storing it.

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Everything Else

Transform any extra closet into a gift wrapping station. It is not only useful year-round, but it also makes the gift wrapping a breeze leaving you less frustrated when you can grab what you need. If you don’t have a spare closet, not a problem. Store the ribbons, bows, tissue paper, and anything else you have in clear storage bins and slide them under a bed. For items like tree skirts, pillows, stockings, tablecloths, etc., organize and label them by room or décor in plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags. Pro tip: wrap all glass and other fragile items tightly in foam packing sheeting.

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