4 Hearty Soup Recipes To Keep You Warm

creamy corn chowder with ham and potatoes

The short days and cold nights of winter leave you craving something warm. Satisfy your cravings with a delicious bowl of soup! There are hundreds of different recipes to enjoy, but these four are our favorites.

Cheesy Ham and Corn Chowder

Slow cookers are great for relaxing weekends or busy days. It’s easy to get a full meal ready for the entire family without too much hands-on preparation, and this is one of the best slow cooker recipes. This chowder is super cheesy and creamy but still has freshness from the spices and veggies. It’s also the perfect dish for picky eaters or kids because the ingredients are very familiar. Once you’ve chopped your meat and veggies, place everything into your slow cooker and let it cook for eight to nine hours.

Southwest Wedding Soup

Wedding soup is a classic Italian dish that many families know and love, but this is a southwest twist! Instead of the classic meatball, this recipe has chicken meatballs seasoned with taco seasoning. However, the biggest change has to be the addition of corn! It gives a great texture and freshness, even if you just use canned corn. Overall the recipe makes a smaller portion, but you can get everything cooked and served in 30 minutes.

Lasagna Soup

Everyone loves lasagna, but have you ever had it as a soup? It may seem weird, but it is an amazing combination. It is a slow cooker recipe, so the cook time is longer, but you can have the prep done in about 30 minutes. Feel free to get creative with this dish and substitute ingredients for your favorite meat, cheese, or veggies.

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Hash Brown Soup

Hash brown soup is the perfect recipe for a last-minute dinner because the ingredients are simple, and you can have it ready in less than 45 minutes. There is also very little prep, and it is all cooked in a single pot. The final dish will serve about sixteen people, so it is perfect for a family gathering or having lots of leftovers!

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