Weekend Activities For The Family

Multi-generation family preparing a cake at homeHaving fun with the family doesn’t have to involve spending tons of money or getting out of the house. You can plan a budget-friendly, awesome weekend at home with the family that everyone will enjoy. Get ready! You will not be able to have another boring weekend again. 

Movie Night

Bring the movies to your house without paying theater prices. All you need is your comfiest pajamas, popcorn, candy, drinks, and the movie. With new release movies popping up on streaming networks, you really can bring the theatre experience to your home. Pro tip: To add a little extra flavor to your popcorn, head to your local grocery store and pick up popcorn salt. There are a variety of salts that will turn any average popcorn into something you can’t put down, including chocolate, ranch, buffalo, and more! 

Cook Up a Storm

Cooking doesn’t have to be a one-person show. Involve the entire family by baking a batch of your favorite cookies or by preparing a dinner for a cozy night in the house. Not only will it make staying in the kitchen more fun, but it is also a great way to keep the kids busy while teaching them new skills. 

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

There is something about going on a great adventure. Let your kids explore their imagination by planning a treasure hunt for them. Hide little treasures or fake jewels and create a map with directions for the kids. Make the map look ancient by soaking it in coffee and ripping the edges. After that, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the smiles on their face.

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Build a Fort

Bring out the cushions, blankets, twinkle lights, and have some fun with a pillow fort! Let your imagination run wild with whatever you can find around the house. Once the tent is just like you want it, take time to sit around the “fire” and tell your best stories. Cook up some hotdogs and make s’mores for an even more realistic camping trip. 

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