Need Help Organizing Your Pantry?

neatly organized kitchen canistersThe pantry doesn’t need to be the one closet in the house causing you the most stress. The pantry should be the place to easily find ingredients, quickly grab a snack, or simply, just grab an item for restocking around the house. A lot of times we neglect this space in our home since it does have such heavy traffic that visits it. Making pantry organization a priority will eliminate any stress you feel and will enhance your cooking and cleaning skills. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to the pantry, therefore these tips are there to guide you through the entire process. 

Clean First, Then Organize

Grab the biggest trash bag you have, and begin by throwing out old and expired food. Once you get rid of the items that are no longer good and are just taking up space, you will see how much easier it will be to organize what you have. When removing the items that are still qualified for the pantry, begin grouping them into piles. Start by making piles by category, such as bread, pasta, snacks, cereals, sauces, sprays and oils, and baking. It will help when it is time to place the items back. 

Make The Most Of Your Space

The biggest secret to an organized pantry is being able to see everything. Remove items that are shoved towards the back on the shelves. Add a Lazy Susan for those small bottles and pasta sauces. Add a rack for spices and sprays. Being able to see everything displayed neatly will prevent your pantry from becoming unorganized again and will allow you to find what you need quicker. 

Follow FIFO 

FIFO stands for “First in, First Out.” This method is more of a preventative that will keep your pantry looking clean and organized. Before you make that trip to the grocery store every week, take a look at your pantry and think “What was here first?” If it has been there a while, consider placing it closer to the front so you’ll be likely to grab it first before using or opening the new stuff. This will help you get the most of the food you have and prevent things from going bad. 

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Think About What Will Work for You

Before you go digging through Pinterest to find that beautifully organized pantry for organization, think about what system will work for you and your hungry crew. You know the most popular snacks and ingredients you use most so customize the pantry to your lifestyle. No family’s pantries are the same and there is a good reason for that. Avoid comparing your pantry to someone else’s because what works for you may not work for them! 

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