Make Your Small Room Feel Bigger!

woman hanging a mirror

Chances are when you read the title of this blog, you instantly thought of a small space in your home that you wished was bigger. The truth is, without a decent renovation budget, it can be hard to physically make the room itself bigger. Although, there are ways to make the room feel and look bigger! One of the best things about vision is hacking your brain and others’ brains to believe the room is bigger than it is. With these tips and tricks, it is almost guaranteed you will enjoy that small space more than you ever have before.

Utilize Mirrors

This may sound like a weird way to make your room feel bigger. Why add stuff to the room if it is already so small? The thing with mirrors is, they create the illusion, using reflection, that the room is bigger than it is. Hanging a mirror on the wall can be a way to ensure you don’t take up floor space, or transforming the closet doors into mirror closet doors is another great way. Although, if you simply want to add a floor-standing mirror, that will do the trick and it is a trendy method of decorating right now.

 Get Rid of All Clutter

This one is a no-brainer. Clutter in any room, big or small, will make your room feel smaller. It also tends to add to your stress levels because the room never feels clean. Throw away the trash, donate items, find a place for everything tucked away, and you will watch your room transform before your eyes.

Be Intentional When it Comes to Décor

When dealing with a small space, less is more. You don’t want to overfill or overwhelm that space with furniture because that will take away from the space you have. Think long and hard about the dimensions of things, placement of things, and even down to your window treatments and pillows. Each item and aspect of the room serves a purpose.

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Keep Furniture Away From Walls

Creating more wall space is wise when dealing with a small room. Give your walls and furniture some room to breathe. It is proven that rooms with furniture-lined walls can cause claustrophobia and make the room feel cramped. Create the illusion of an open, more spacious room, by doing this.

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