Hacks To Live Your Most Productive Life

Happy woman celebrates a productive day

Have you ever logged off for the day and felt dissatisfied with what you accomplished? Well, you’re not alone. Many people feel this way and it’s not because they are bad workers. Often, it’s simply a matter of updating the habits, methods, and tools you use each day. So, here are 11 hacks for the modern work environment that can help you live your most productive life.

Productivity Tools

  • Don’t waste valuable mental energy on memorizing passwords. Instead, download a password manager.
  • Block social media and other distracting websites with a website blocker like freedom.
  • Use a music streaming or sound app. I know, this doesn’t seem like a productivity tip at all. But it is. Background music and sounds are a great way to help you stay focused at work.

Productive Habits

  • Condense the time you spend managing emails to two 15 minute sessions. One before lunch and one after lunch.
  • Keep a pen handy and write down important reminders and details. Don’t rely on your ability to remember everything.
  • Avoid multi-tasking. Attempting to tackle too many things at once lowers the quality of each. Why? because you are not fully focused on any of the tasks.
  • Don’t try to be perfect. Perfectionism can lead to procrastination. So, it’s better to set clear standards for yourself on what “good” looks like. Strive for that instead.
  • Schedule your self-care. Just like you add your work meeting to your calendar, block off time for the activities that nourish you physically or mentally. Even if that is just taking 20 minutes to listen to an audible book.

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Productivity Methods

  • No one can stay focused for eight hours a day. Set time for intense focus and allow for frequent breaks by using the Pomodoro method.
  • Use time constraints to your advantage. According to historian Cyril Parkinson, work expands to fill the time available for its completion. In other words, if you’re deadline is in two weeks you will take two weeks to complete the project. But, if you set personal deadlines that are earlier, you will take less time to complete the tasks.
  • Re-attach to work each day. Instead of clocking in and getting straight to work, take a moment to realign mentally with your goals and priorities. Review what you accomplished the day before and what you plan to accomplish throughout the day. Then, get started.
  • Set SMART goals. Then make sure that each of your daily tasks is related to propelling you toward accomplishing those goals. You’ll enjoy a motivating sense of accomplishment when you can connect your actions with your goals.

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