Ideas To Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Little girl organizes her closet

Tackling the herculean task of spring cleaning? Don’t try to do it all yourself. Instead, try a few of these fun ideas to help get your kids involved.

Turn on Some Tunes

No matter what you’re doing, music will make it more enjoyable. So, make a cleaning playlist with your kid’s favorite songs, crank up the volume, and have fun dancing and singing along as you clean. You can also add a second layer of fun by playing “wax-museum”, a game that requires everyone to freeze in place whenever the music stops.

Play a Sorting Game

When you give your kids toys and books a sorted storage area they’re more likely to put their toys away after they’ve finished playing. Try using clear, stackable storage bins so they can see the contents without having to read labels or open the lid to peek inside. Then, get them started. Put a few matching toys in each container and then let them fill them up. For example but dolls in one container, and they’re accessories in another. Or, action figures in one and toy cars in another.

Put On a Family Fashion Show

Convincing your kids to clean out their closets might be a feat all its own. Sweeten the deal by turning the task into a fashion show. You’ll get all of your kids involved in digging old items out of the recesses of their closets and they can have fun modeling the items they find. As you kids pretend to strut down the catwalk you can assess each item for fit, quality, and style. Outdated, outgrown, or torn items should be sorted for disposal or donation.

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Go Dust Bunny Skating

This idea is great if you have hardwood or vinyl floors. Once you’ve finished sorting through your closets, help your kids find pairs of worn-out socks in the discard pile. If they have holes in them use just layer two pairs together. Then, they can slide across your floors collecting dust bunnies as they go. Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges or easily breakable items in the area your kids are “skating” in.

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