Easy Weekday Dinners For A Busy Day

Eating a bite of cheesy macaroni and cheese
As school goes back into session, the homework will pile up, the calendar will overflow, and mealtimes will become complicated. Instead of hitting a drive-thru or resulting in sub-par frozen dinners, there are plenty of 30-minute meals that will be a treat to your family's tastebuds. Both of these dinners,... [read more]

Get Your Ride Back-To-School Safety

Pretty young girl smiling to her beautiful mom after getting out of the car to go to school with her little brother
Carpooling season is upon us. The kids are headed back to school and the upcoming months are full of sporting events, play dates, work, and weekend trips. Sadly, summer is coming to an end, but lucky for you, we have put together a list to help you prep for your... [read more]

Fun Ideas For Summer Activities

Dog owners taking selfie
Before summer comes to an end, make sure you have made the most of it. While the season usually entails more sunlight and vacation time, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the warm months right in your city. If you are looking to end summer break with a bang,... [read more]

7 Ways To Beat The Heat

Woman indoors relaxing meditating and doing breathing exercises
Looking for creative ways to save on your energy bills this summer? Below are some quirky ways to stay cool that won’t hurt your bank account. Breathing Technique Implementing a breathing technique is a great way to cool your body down naturally. This Yogi technique was derived from yoga and allows you... [read more]

Try Something New And Grill Fruit

Fresh peaches on grill
You already know about grilling meat, fish, and vegetables, but have you ever grilled fruit? Putting sweet summer fruit on the grill gives it a deep flavor that can't be achieved via any other cooking method! Use these tips for delicious grilled fruit ever this summer! 1. Best Fruits for Grilling As... [read more]

The Perfect Summertime Car Kit

Woman's hand disinfecting the steering wheel of her car with sanitizing wipes
If you haven’t packed your summertime car kit yet, now is the time. Whether you’re the type to plan every outing or you’re a spur-of-the-moment person, having a car kit helps you to be ready for anything. You may already have a basic kit stowed away. But if you don’t,... [read more]

The 10 Essentials For Any Hiking Trip

woman cooking on camp fire. wild nature resting. cutting tomatoes
No matter what kind of hiking you are doing, whether it's single or multi-day trips, it’s always important to have hiking essentials to ensure you have a smooth trip. Thankfully, REI made a great list of the ten essentials to bring on your next hiking trip. Navigation When traveling in the backcountry,... [read more]

Spend The Day At The Marion County Water Park

Cropped image of man and woman sitting in chairs outside the tent. Couple camping in forest.
If you're looking for a space in nature that has everything from camping to meeting spaces, take a closer look at the Marion County Water Park just northwest of Columbia! Day Trip Activities If you're just heading up to the Marion County Water Park for the day, you'll have plenty of space... [read more]

Essentials For Any Beginner Golfer

Man walking in between holes and holding golf bag
Looking to pick up the game of golf? Sure, you've probably swung a few clubs, fallen for the lavish attire, and studied up on the basic etiquette of the game, but if you're really looking to play like Tiger, you're going to need a few tips. Before you head outdoors... [read more]

Required Routine Maintenance For Any Make And Model

Car lifted in vehicle service department
Keeping up with all of the routine maintenance for your car can feel unending, and it's easy to forget what you need to do. This list makes it easy to stay on top of regular car maintenance — no matter what make or model you drive. Tires and Wheels Even if every... [read more]